Renthall Norway donating 5,500 square meters of canvas to charity


After being in use for ten years, the Port of Oslo decided to sell their fabric building as it was no longer needed. Instead of throwing it away, the solution was to reuse the building.

Renthall AS purchased the structure, dismantled the hall, and took it into their warehouse. Here, they upgraded and adapted the hall, before it was sent to Boliden and Odda in Western Norway. 

In this project, there were parts of the hall that could no longer be used. The PVC cladding on the building had been exposed to harsh weather over the years in use, so couldn’t be reused for the new customer, so Renthall AS replaced the fabric cladding on the building.

“The fabric covering that has been over the hall has been exposed to quite harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it cannot be used again for industrial purposes, but that does not mean that it is uselsess and should be thrown away,” says Renthall AS CEO, Terje Hals.

A total of 5,500 square metres of fabric has now been washed and prepared for further use. With a strong focus on sustainability and recycling, the fabric is now being donated to a charitable cause.

Donated to a good cause

“We want to donate the fabric to an aid organization or another good cause. Our goal is that no resources should be lost in projects like this,” says Terje.

The port director at the Port of Oslo also supports Renthall’s focus on reuse.

“We support Renthall’s initiative. It fits perfectly with Oslo Harbour’s environmental profile. We will invest heavily in circular economy in the coming years. It is very good that Renthall takes responsibility for recycling the canvas and contributes to ensuring that fully usable materials are not lost,” says Port Director of the Port of Oslo, Ingvar M. Mathisen.

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