How to navigate temporary building planning permission with Renthall UK

Is planning permission necessary for your temporary building?

At Renthall UK, we understand this might be a point of concern when you’re considering hiring or purchasing a temporary or semi-permanent structure. You may think that temporary status side-steps the need for planning permissions, but this isn’t always the case. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some crucial insights.

Does every situation require planning permission?

While there are scenarios where you might not require planning permission, the criteria are quite strict. For instance, your temporary building will be in use for less than 28 days and its floor space does not exceed 200m2, you may not need planning permission. However, it is always recommended to confirm if this applies to your specific circumstances.

Similarly, you could be exempted from planning permissions if you’re planning to add the temporary structure to an existing building—provided it satisfies certain conditions. It should be shorter than the existing building, its intended use should be the same as that of the previous structure, and its size should not exceed 25% of the existing building. This was the case for Renthall UK’s previous project for Hart Doors.

Aerial shot of a temporary building hire by Renthall UK outside a production facility. It is made of fabric with a steel frame.

What do the government guidelines say?

There are, however, circumstances where planning permission is mandatory according to government regulations. These include:

  • Structures in use for over 28 days
  • Buildings with floor space over 200m2
  • Structures larger than 25% of the existing building or occupying more than 25% of the total area of your site
  • Any temporary building situated less than 5m from your site boundaries
  • Structures that impede parking or manoeuvring of vehicles or alter the original building’s external appearance significantly

Is retrospective planning permission a solution?

If you’re dealing with an urgent requirement, you may be considering retrospective permission. This approach could be risky and should only be an option in extremely time-sensitive situations. If you can demonstrate that the temporary structure is genuinely required for an emergency, you may secure retrospective permission enabling you to start the project before complete permissions are in place.

A temporary building hire by Renthall UK in a port setting. It is made of fabric with a steel frame.

What if I don’t get planning permission?

Renthall UK strongly discourages the installation of temporary buildings without the required planning permission. If, upon review, planning permission is denied, you may have to entirely remove your new structure. Failure to comply may result in enforcement notices, even if the local authority had initially granted retrospective permission.

For more clarity on temporary buildings and planning permission, don’t hesitate to contact us.