Five reasons to rent with Renthall UK

A lease agreement with Renthall resolves temporary needs quickly. Our buildings are quick to manufacture and erect, so they’re ideal when an ad-hoc solution is required. For any unforeseen circumstances, our flexible structures can be invaluable.

Five reasons to rent your next building:

1. Total package

A lease agreement with Renthall involves not only the building itself, but an entire package. We can provide a Service Plan to cover all maintenance and light repairs during the rental period at an additional cost. Delivery and installation are included. The dismantling charge would be applied at the end of the contract, payable by the client.

2. Flexible leases

Whether you need a building for a few months or several years, Renthall offers flexible leases that are adapted as needed. You can easily extend the rental period if needed, and structures can be modified during the rental term, changes to building length or door configurations can be achieved. This would come with an additional up-front cost or an increase in the monthly rental charge.

3. Wide selection of buildings

Renthall has a wide selection of buildings, and in addition the structures can be adapted to suit the needs of the project. The buildings can be used from everything from temporary warehouses to commercial and public buildings, such as fire stations.

4. Custom buildings

The buildings can be custom made to suit your requirements. Renthall is able to provide the finishing touches to all buildings and shelters, by offering accessories to provide the best solution possible for your business needs. Building accessories add value to your building investment, creating a customised tailored environment.

5. Cost-effective solutions

On temporary projects, it can be more cost-effective to rent a building rather than make a capital purchase. You can get a better overview of operating costs, and it is a predictable cost that means you do not have to think about investment capital today and in the future.

Rubb THA available to rent

The structure includes:

  • 1 x 4m x 4m Electrically operated roller shutter door
  • 1 x Steel access door
  • Ground anchor fixings to suit a concrete base  
  • Standard Electrical package consisting of:
    • 1x 3ph Power Distribution Board 
    • 10x 13amp Double Sockets
    • 1x 16amp 3ph Rotary isolator to supply roller shutter door.
    • 6x 100W LED lights to achieve 300lux
    • 2x Twin spot emergency light fittings
    • 1x 18W bulkhead fitting
    • 1x Emergency Exit sign

For more information on the Rubb THA, please see here.

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Apex Cables Workshop Shelter Rental

The indoor building will be used as a welding fabrication shop within their current facility to keep all sparks, dust, and general waste contained from the wider area.

The structure will also provide a specific ventilated area for a safer working environment.

Entry to the shelter is provided by a zip access door, the building is structure is completed with anchors to suit the tarmac within the existing building.

The RDS shelter has been designed for rapid deployment and erection using a minimum workforce and without the aid of mechanical handling equipment, making this an ideal candidate for on-site workshops.

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Hangar Available

The Rubb hangar measures 25m wide x 24m long and has a vertical lifting hangar door at 21.5m wide x 7m high clear opening. The building comes complete with LED lighting and can be installed onto an existing concrete apron or parking stand.

The structure was previously installed in Ireland and has been dismantled and packed ready for immediate dispatch and installation.

The hangar can be increased in length if required and flexible terms can be agreed.

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Renthall hits UK shores

After huge success in Norway backed by Rubb Industries AS, we have more than 200 buildings in our portfolio globally—with more being added every week.

With the introduction of Renthall UK, we can now offer the quality and experience of the group in favourable and flexible terms for companies and organisations within the public sector and commercial enterprises.

Our steel frame buildings are modular, fabric buildings that are built to last. While our aluminium frame structures are rapid, cost-effective structures for temporary requirements.

Solutions are adaptable as needed, and when you rent from us you can receive a total package with lights, ventilation, and the various door options as required. When there is a need for a flexible, temporary solution, renting is an excellent, cost-effective choice. By renting your next building you receive an overview of operating costs, as well as the stability of a predictable fee that sidesteps capital investment.

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