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The Fabric Engineer is a yearly magazine that looks back on the biggest and best projects from across Renthall and Rubb.

This issue is our biggest yet, with stories from the UK, USA, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Highlights include:

  • Foreword from Renthall AS Adm. Dir. / CEO, Terje Hals
  • Case studies from a variety of sectors, complete with stunning photos
  • News and updates on upcoming projects

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How to navigate temporary building planning permission with Renthall UK

Is planning permission necessary for your temporary building?

At Renthall UK, we understand this might be a point of concern when you’re considering hiring or purchasing a temporary or semi-permanent structure. You may think that temporary status side-steps the need for planning permissions, but this isn’t always the case. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some crucial insights.

Does every situation require planning permission?

While there are scenarios where you might not require planning permission, the criteria are quite strict. For instance, your temporary building will be in use for less than 28 days and its floor space does not exceed 200m2, you may not need planning permission. However, it is always recommended to confirm if this applies to your specific circumstances.

Similarly, you could be exempted from planning permissions if you’re planning to add the temporary structure to an existing building—provided it satisfies certain conditions. It should be shorter than the existing building, its intended use should be the same as that of the previous structure, and its size should not exceed 25% of the existing building. This was the case for Renthall UK’s previous project for Hart Doors.

Aerial shot of a temporary building hire by Renthall UK outside a production facility. It is made of fabric with a steel frame.

What do the government guidelines say?

There are, however, circumstances where planning permission is mandatory according to government regulations. These include:

  • Structures in use for over 28 days
  • Buildings with floor space over 200m2
  • Structures larger than 25% of the existing building or occupying more than 25% of the total area of your site
  • Any temporary building situated less than 5m from your site boundaries
  • Structures that impede parking or manoeuvring of vehicles or alter the original building’s external appearance significantly

Is retrospective planning permission a solution?

If you’re dealing with an urgent requirement, you may be considering retrospective permission. This approach could be risky and should only be an option in extremely time-sensitive situations. If you can demonstrate that the temporary structure is genuinely required for an emergency, you may secure retrospective permission enabling you to start the project before complete permissions are in place.

A temporary building hire by Renthall UK in a port setting. It is made of fabric with a steel frame.

What if I don’t get planning permission?

Renthall UK strongly discourages the installation of temporary buildings without the required planning permission. If, upon review, planning permission is denied, you may have to entirely remove your new structure. Failure to comply may result in enforcement notices, even if the local authority had initially granted retrospective permission.

For more clarity on temporary buildings and planning permission, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Renthall UK provides Grain Power Station with three rental buildings

Renthall UK recently provided Grain Power Station with three rental buildings to support their power station outages.

Renthall successfully supplied three 12m span x 12m long buildings, each with a 3.3m leg height, which will be used to house essential equipment, personnel, and logistical support during outage events.

A power station statutory outage refers to a planned maintenance period during which a power station is temporarily shut down to carry out essential maintenance, repairs, and safety inspections that cannot be performed while the plant is operational. These outages are typically mandated by regulations to ensure the ongoing safe and efficient operation of the power station.

With the provision of these temporary structures, Renthall offers power stations the opportunity to optimize their operational uptime during maintenance periods, mitigate the risk of delays, and enhance the overall efficiency of the maintenance process.

Renthall’s steel framed buildings provide Grain Power Station the versatility and adaptability required to respond swiftly to outage situations. The modular nature of the buildings allows for easy expansion, reconfiguration, or relocation based on evolving needs. Our structures are also designed to be weather-resistant and durable, with a robust steel frame and PVC-coated polyester fabric cladding. This ensures that the structures can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a safe and comfortable working environment for personnel during the outage.

Enhance your operational capabilities and ensure a seamless outage management experience with Renthall’s reliable and adaptable solutions. Contact Renthall today to discuss your requirements.

Renthall UK Delivers Duo of Fabric Shelters to AVL RACETECH

Renthall UK has supplied AVL RACETECH with two 12m span x 15m long fabric shelters to serve as additional storage as they support Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes.

Though the two shelters are the exact same size, there’s a key difference: one is refurbished, the other is newly manufactured.

The refurbished shelter was also previously rented by AVL RACETECH for 9 months, after which it was returned to Renthall UK for refurbishment and repacking. When requirements changed, AVL got back in touch to reacquire the shelter, but this time with an additional request to make it a pair.

Both shelters were erected in 3 days and come complete with durable blue and white PVC cladding. The refurbished shelter provides access with a roller shutter door, while the newly manufactured one has a folding PVC door for personnel and goods access.

Darren Markham, Lead Project Manager at AVL, commented that Renthall UK “smashed it out the park and delivered for us. Next stop is to fill them up.”

Contact the Renthall UK team today to discuss your rental requirements.

Renthall Norway donating 5,500 square meters of canvas to charity


After being in use for ten years, the Port of Oslo decided to sell their fabric building as it was no longer needed. Instead of throwing it away, the solution was to reuse the building.

Renthall AS purchased the structure, dismantled the hall, and took it into their warehouse. Here, they upgraded and adapted the hall, before it was sent to Boliden and Odda in Western Norway. 

In this project, there were parts of the hall that could no longer be used. The PVC cladding on the building had been exposed to harsh weather over the years in use, so couldn’t be reused for the new customer, so Renthall AS replaced the fabric cladding on the building.

“The fabric covering that has been over the hall has been exposed to quite harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it cannot be used again for industrial purposes, but that does not mean that it is uselsess and should be thrown away,” says Renthall AS CEO, Terje Hals.

A total of 5,500 square metres of fabric has now been washed and prepared for further use. With a strong focus on sustainability and recycling, the fabric is now being donated to a charitable cause.

Donated to a good cause

“We want to donate the fabric to an aid organization or another good cause. Our goal is that no resources should be lost in projects like this,” says Terje.

The port director at the Port of Oslo also supports Renthall’s focus on reuse.

“We support Renthall’s initiative. It fits perfectly with Oslo Harbour’s environmental profile. We will invest heavily in circular economy in the coming years. It is very good that Renthall takes responsibility for recycling the canvas and contributes to ensuring that fully usable materials are not lost,” says Port Director of the Port of Oslo, Ingvar M. Mathisen.

To learn about how Renthall can support your business, contact us today.

Renthall’s rebrand – Our environmental and sustainability commitment

Renthall UK is proud to launch our new logo and branding in line with our core values of providing quality-built, environmentally friendly, and sustainable structures.

At Renthall UK, we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint and as we look toward a greener future we feel the products and services we provide are perfectly aligned with this vision.

Renting a facility already provides the client with great flexibility. You can choose to extend both the facility size or the rental term where necessary.  You can relocate the building if required but, ultimately, at the end of the rental period the building is returned to Renthall where the facility will be refurbished, recycled, and even upgraded ready for the next customer.

This element is extremely important to us. We have skilled, competent, and passionate employees who are keen to reuse all elements of the facility reducing waste and environmental impact providing you a more sustainable approach to enhancing your facilities for future growth.

We are excited to be discussing this part of our business and we look forward to working with customers to create a better and greener future.

Andrew Knox
Managing Director, Renthall UK

Zurhaar AS group supports Turkey-Syria earthquake aid efforts

O.B.Wiik has supplied its products to the UN and Non-Governmental Organisations for over 30 years, so they are uniquely prepared for situations like this due to the logistical framework they have in place. This is a group priority, so Renthall, Rubb, and the wider Rubb Industries AS companies will provide any support necessary to meet these orders as soon as possible.

“O.B.Wiik has for many years had framework agreements with various organisations. Therefore, we can be ready with quick help when the response time is critical. Tents that are made especially for emergency aid needs are pre-produced and pre-stored in various places in the world, including Uganda, China, Italy, and Dubai. From Dubai it may be possible to transport our tents and halls in containers directly to Syria and Turkey on trucks,” says Rune Birkeland, Zurhaar AS CEO.

Time is of the essence

The death toll of the major earthquake has reached 34,000 at time of writing, but now millions of the living have been displaced from their ruined homes—forced to sleep in the open in often sub-zero conditions. A quick response is essential to improving these conditions.

“When a crisis first occurs, response time is important,” says O.B.Wiik’s International Department Director Ole Gregersen. “Our emergency aid halls and tents are designed for quick assembly under tough conditions. They can be installed without the need for a separate tool. Thanks to our international framework, we can send out halls within 24 hours of an order being received.”

At this time it is impossible to say how this crisis will evolve, so O.B.Wiik is uncertain regarding total order numbers. “But we are probably talking about fifty plus,” Gregersen estimates.

The foundation of aid

“Our halls are often the first to arrive in a disaster area, as they are needed to store other emergency equipment such as blankets, kitchen equipment, water purification equipment, and food,” Gregersen continues. “They are also used as workshops and hospitals, which are central to aid efforts. We form the foundation for support in disaster areas like this.”

“The halls are easy to assemble and are erected with local manual labour,” he explains. “There is no use for a crane or special tools, which is important as the halls are often set up in areas where there is no access to such equipment. We can be there right from the start.”

“For the earthquake relief operations in Turkey and Syria, we have many deliveries underway to several organisations. The halls in various sizes will be sent from warehouses in Norway, Dubai, and China,” Gregersen concludes.

How can you help?

Please donate to the charity of your choice. Every donation matters for the people of Turkey and Syria that have lost everything. We suggest the British Red Cross.

Renthall is incredibly proud of its group’s response to this humanitarian emergency, and will continue to provide all the support it can to ensure O.B.Wiik’s tents and halls reach those that need them most.

Apex Cables Workshop Shelter Rental

The indoor building will be used as a welding fabrication shop within their current facility to keep all sparks, dust, and general waste contained from the wider area.

The structure will also provide a specific ventilated area for a safer working environment.

Entry to the shelter is provided by a zip access door, the building is structure is completed with anchors to suit the tarmac within the existing building.

The RDS shelter has been designed for rapid deployment and erection using a minimum workforce and without the aid of mechanical handling equipment, making this an ideal candidate for on-site workshops.

Contact the Renthall UK team below to find out how we can support your upcoming projects.

Renthall hits UK shores

After huge success in Norway backed by Rubb Industries AS, we have more than 200 buildings in our portfolio globally—with more being added every week.

With the introduction of Renthall UK, we can now offer the quality and experience of the group in favourable and flexible terms for companies and organisations within the public sector and commercial enterprises.

Our steel frame buildings are modular, fabric buildings that are built to last. While our aluminium frame structures are rapid, cost-effective structures for temporary requirements.

Solutions are adaptable as needed, and when you rent from us you can receive a total package with lights, ventilation, and the various door options as required. When there is a need for a flexible, temporary solution, renting is an excellent, cost-effective choice. By renting your next building you receive an overview of operating costs, as well as the stability of a predictable fee that sidesteps capital investment.

Contact the Renthall UK team below to discuss your requirements.