Five reasons to rent with Renthall UK

A lease agreement with Renthall resolves temporary needs quickly. Our buildings are quick to manufacture and erect, so they’re ideal when an ad-hoc solution is required. For any unforeseen circumstances, our flexible structures can be invaluable.

Five reasons to rent your next building:

1. Total package

A lease agreement with Renthall involves not only the building itself, but an entire package. We can provide a Service Plan to cover all maintenance and light repairs during the rental period at an additional cost. Delivery and installation are included. The dismantling charge would be applied at the end of the contract, payable by the client.

2. Flexible leases

Whether you need a building for a few months or several years, Renthall offers flexible leases that are adapted as needed. You can easily extend the rental period if needed, and structures can be modified during the rental term, changes to building length or door configurations can be achieved. This would come with an additional up-front cost or an increase in the monthly rental charge.

3. Wide selection of buildings

Renthall has a wide selection of buildings, and in addition the structures can be adapted to suit the needs of the project. The buildings can be used from everything from temporary warehouses to commercial and public buildings, such as fire stations.

4. Custom buildings

The buildings can be custom made to suit your requirements. Renthall is able to provide the finishing touches to all buildings and shelters, by offering accessories to provide the best solution possible for your business needs. Building accessories add value to your building investment, creating a customised tailored environment.

5. Cost-effective solutions

On temporary projects, it can be more cost-effective to rent a building rather than make a capital purchase. You can get a better overview of operating costs, and it is a predictable cost that means you do not have to think about investment capital today and in the future.