Aluminium frame

Demountable, temporary solutions.

Aluminium frame fabric buildings

Demountable framed aluminium buildings are the perfect solution for when it comes to rapid temporary storage and workshop solutions, as well as sports facilities and exam halls for education, their versatility and flexibility make them suitable for many applications in industrial settings.

These aluminium buildings can be installed in a matter of days and are designed to meet all relevant snow and wind loading requirements alongside ticking the boxes for compliance in structural design.

The flexibility of the structures is the key when more storage is needed urgently. They are a great option when timescales are short as it means the difference between arranging extra capacity or potentially losing out on that new contract you have won.

Tailored to your needs

Your aluminium framed building can be adapted to suit your requirements. Doors can be positioned to suit your layout whilst lights, ventilation, and heating can be added to provide suitable internal environment. Decide whether your project needs our Thermohall® insulation, as both insulated and uninsulated buildings are available to suit your needs.

Flexible foundations

Aluminium framed structures can accommodate many foundation options such as concrete up-stand, ballast weights, and ground anchors into an existing surface. Renthall co-ordination with the groundwork contractor is key for the client to reach the most cost-effective solution.

The building design

You can achieve up to 25m wide clear, span width in the footprint of the structure by almost any length required. The eaves height maximum is 6.2m, providing a vast array of possibilities for your project.

Industrial loading Canopies are great to protect your goods from the weather in the UK. These canopies can be erected quickly and protect against snow, wind and rain.

Premium fabric

All buildings are clad with tough PVC impregnated polyester fabric. The sheets are sectioned in accordance with the length of the building and joined with special overlap joints. These joints are waterproof and able to withstand vibrations caused by high winds. The membrane is tensioned over the steel structure and anchored to the foundations. The quality fabric has a life expectancy of up to 25 years depending on environmental conditions.

  • Insulated steel walls and gables if required
  • Multiple door options
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather
  • Rapid construction, installation, and relocation
  • Reduced time on site
  • Suitable for most ground conditions, including concrete and asphalt
  • Minimal maintenance and costs
  • Designed, produced, and assembled in the UK with a focus on safety and quality
  • Fire-tested and approved heavy-duty Insulated PVC-coated membrane
  • Comprehensive long-term service

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