Thermohall® insulation

The unique fabric insulation system.

Thermohall® is comprised of a high-density non-combustible glass wool, and can be used to insulate all our buildings.

It’s the perfect solution for anything from maintaining comfortable working environments to climate controlling frozen produce. The insulation system can be incorporated with any building size—both steel and aluminium-framed—and comes in several different thicknesses to suit your exact needs.

Thermohall® retains warmth in the winter and keeps the heat out in the summer. That’s why it’s often used with sports halls, production facilities, warehouses, and workshops that require personnel to work comfortably all year round. It also insulates very well against noise, making it the perfect match for busy surroundings such as airports and busy roads—or, alternatively, keeping heavy machinery sound inside to avoid disturbing neighbours.

Internal shot of boxes inside of a temporary hire building from Renthall UK. It is made of fabric with a steel frame.
The advantages of Thermohall®
  • Patented unique solution
  • Fire safety performance
  • Tight insulation pockets, no moisture touches the insulation
  • Minimal cold bridges
  • Structurally stable in severe weather
  • Satisfies requirements for sound insulation
  • Very few joints on the cladding of the hall
  • Quick and affordable installation
Temporary building hire by Renthall UK. It is made of fabric with a steel frame.

To learn more about how Thermohall® can support your business, contact the team today.