Renthall’s rebrand – Our environmental and sustainability commitment

Renthall UK is proud to launch our new logo and branding in line with our core values of providing quality-built, environmentally friendly, and sustainable structures.

At Renthall UK, we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint and as we look toward a greener future we feel the products and services we provide are perfectly aligned with this vision.

Renting a facility already provides the client with great flexibility. You can choose to extend both the facility size or the rental term where necessary.  You can relocate the building if required but, ultimately, at the end of the rental period the building is returned to Renthall where the facility will be refurbished, recycled, and even upgraded ready for the next customer.

This element is extremely important to us. We have skilled, competent, and passionate employees who are keen to reuse all elements of the facility reducing waste and environmental impact providing you a more sustainable approach to enhancing your facilities for future growth.

We are excited to be discussing this part of our business and we look forward to working with customers to create a better and greener future.

Andrew Knox
Managing Director, Renthall UK